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Lauren Grilli

The Medicine Line are a rare find - a young rock trio with talent and musical sensitivity to make pure, unobtrusive and purposeful music.

Lead singer, guitarist Christian Soule and bassist Ryan Brooks began their musical collaboration in 2000, and in early 2002, drummer Kenji Ross joined the band.

The band's sound is a mellow fusion of mathematical, emotional rock-pop. Their songs don't fit a specific musical formula, but are melodically complex and surprising, characterized by expressive vocals interspersed with flourishy guitars.

They're also singable, as Soule's voice hovers in the soothing space between nasal and throaty.

"They're sleazy," said Ross in an interview before their concert at TT The Bear's. "They're seedy, too."

The Medicine Line just finished up in the studio last month and expects their record to be released soon.

Both live and on the record, The Medicine Line's music is well put together. Live, they rock out under a facade of spontaneity, but they're always well prepared.